A good visit to the post office

You might not believe me when I say this, but I actually had a great visit to the post office the other day. For one, I was in a good mood, which normally is soured even by stepping foot into what I consider a ghastly place.

What made my visit a good one? The people waiting in line. I immediately walked into the line, which by the end of waiting and being helped we had been there over an hour.

Anyway, the people waiting in line were just awesome. First, I met a guy who works in the roofing business who was very chatty, and was talking about meeting people when you are a new business owner. Right in front of him was a nice elderly lady who was sending a package to her grandson. She had stories for days, and was enthralled with her grandchildren. She was showing us pictures of them for the better portion of that hour, and we all were laughing pretty hard at some of the pictures of her young grandkids.

I’m in the market to have my roof re-done, so meeting the roofer was good for me. He seemed like a good guy, and I always like to make sure I meet people who are working on my home before they actually do the work.

But the elderly lady straight up made my day. There’s not too many better things in this world than a lady who spends most of her time yammering on about her family. She said that she frequently has her family to visit her in Madison, and the kids simply love to go to the park, play on their pontoon boat that they take on Lake Monona, and be read to. Sounds like a good time to me!

My grandparents are all passed on, but I can remember how they would tell stories for days, with everyone watching them with complete concentration. My grandfather (Bapa) would tell us all about his world travels and how he and Nana (my grandmother) would often disagree on restaurant choices when they were travelling. We spent many nights with my parents watching them both tell stories and make us laugh.

Anyway, meeting both of these people was probably why this was such a great trip to the post office. My roof needs some major work, and I don’t like to fix things that big (which I’ll get into in future posts). I’d really rather sit on my head for a couple hours and pass out.

Until next time, we hope you have a great post office experience like we had!

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