Computer Repair and what to know

Just like any small business, we have quite a few computers that we have gone through, and we have been forced to take some of them into a computer repair store to see if a professional can fix them. We would rather simply get a repair done than buy a completely new computer. Sometimes, the motherboard is fried and we need to buy a new PC, or it’s a simple software fix that we have not thought about. When it comes to PC’s or Mac’s, we know a bit, but not enough to fix some hardware or software malfunctions.


We wouldn’t know what to do with what you see above. Diagnosing a software malfunction, or making sure that a system update is performed once every now and then is more our speed. We had a laptop go down that was not starting, and by simply taking it to a computer repair specialist, they were able to tell us that the problem was simply that the screen needed to be repaired. Instead of spending over $800 on a new laptop, our total bill was only $75, and we thought that was very reasonable.

Some of the things we have run into in the past include the following:

  1. Broken keyboard keys. Either a key falls off the keyboard, or one of the keys sticks, so you get multiple letters on a document every time you press it (think: rrrrr).
  2. Broken screen. This apparently is very common, and a blue screen can mean so many different things. For example, your screen bulb could be burnt out, or your PC may not be communicating with your screen. Those are just a couple of common malfunctions in screens, and both something that has happened to us in the past.
  3. We have had a few motherboard problems, and the computer repair specialists have told us that there are many things that can lead to that. On a laptop, not having a proper vent for a fan can lead to over heating of the motherboard, and that’s never a good thing. When you are working on your laptop, and you feel it start to get hot, that’s because the fan is not properly vented. This happens because most people are putting their laptop, you guessed it, on their lap, and not on a flat hard surface. There are also fans stations that you can set your laptop on if you want to give it a little help venting.
  4. Old age. We have had to replace a couple of laptops simply because of their old age in the past. This never is pleasant, but it simply needs to be done. We had an old Dell 2005 laptop that was a workhorse that finally kicked the bucket a couple years ago. Thankfully, we backed up all our data onto an external hard drive, so we didn’t lose anything.

What are the computer problems that you have dealt with? Have you ever had a laptop that ended up looking like the below picture after you were done with it? If you haven’t, we’re sure that you wanted to throw it off your roof at some point in it’s life.


Next time on our website, we will take a look at why backing up your files onto an external hard drive is so important!

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