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My cousin Tommy. He’s a bit of a hothead, but I love him. He lives in Westminster, CO, and I visit him once a month to watch some football. A couple of weeks ago he told me to meet him at his place early on a Sunday to watch the Broncos opening day game against the Baltimore Ravens. I’m a huge Broncos fan so this was right up my alley, and I gladly accepted the invite. I thought that we were simply watching the game from his house like normal, but apparently he had something in mind.

When I arrived, he was standing outside with 6 of his buddies next to a stretch limo – by the way, if you’re ever in Denver, check out Limos of Westminster at, the chauffeur was great and they did a hell of a job. I rolled up, he told me to get ready to go because we were taking the limo to Brooklyn’s Restaurant next to the stadium, and then we had tickets to the game. He won them in a raffle from his work, and as a result got 8 tickets to the home opener.

I was ecstatic. It’s been two years since I’ve been to a Broncos game, and I don’t really make much of an effort to get tickets anymore, as I have a massive 70 inch screen TV in my basement that I watch all the games. I have NFL Sunday ticket, so when I want to watch the games, I certainly take advantage of sitting on my couch, and being able to go upstairs and get food whenever I please.

BUT, who doesn’t love the opportunity to go to a live NFL game, especially one that is being played at one of the greatest places in all of sports, Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium. Mile High use to be the absolute very best place to watch a football game, and with the new stadium coming along, it’s gotten a bit corporate, but in the last few years since Peyton Manning has come to town, the stadium has been so loud, and because the Broncos are winning, the fans are back into things a bit!

We started off to Brooklyn’s, having some beers in the limo along the way, and by the time we got to Brooklyn’s, the 11am games had started. We all got a table, ordered food, and hung out for a few while enjoying the first half of a few games. Then, when the first half was over, and we were stuffed, we walked over to the tailgate that is always arranged in front of the stadium. Because Tommy won the tickets in the raffle, he also got free entry and free drinks at the tailgate, so we had VIP access all day long.

At around 145 we made our way into the stadium, took in pregame, and waited for kickoff. Both teams came out a little sluggish, but this was a battle of two very good defenses, and I expected that it would be a bit of a defensive struggle.

Peyton Manning definitely had an off day for him, but he’s playing in a new offense in coach Gary Kubiak’s new system, so there is going to be some sluggishness on everyone’s part I think for the first few weeks until they can (hopefully) develop a rythym.

The last quarter of the game was the most exciting, as Denver had to intercept a Joe Flacco pass late in the game to hold on and win. On the final defensive stand, that’s probably the loudest I’ve heard the crowd in years at Mile High, but I definitely think it played a part in us stopping Baltimore and winning the game.

Just a few pics of the game, but unfortunately my cousin dropped his phone in the limo, and he can’t recover it, so we lost all the great pics he took of all of us.

Mile High 2


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