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Thanks for visiting my blog, PostFixWiki. As you can see in the About Page, I’m going to go Postal, Fix things, and discuss my adventures reading Wikipedia, which is the most useful website on Planet Earth. If you don’t believe me, then try going to Wikipedia and looking for something. I’m a firm believer that everything on this green planet can be found on this great resource.

Before I go on my rant, here’s a video from a guy who worked at the post office for a bit.


You might not agree with me, but I think most people do. Going to the Post Office might be the absolute worst activity you could ever experience. Every post office is stuffy, people are grumpy and don’t speak to you very much, and you leave there feeling like you were just drug through the seventh level of boredom hell.

My half brother-in-law works for the postal service in Aurora, CO. He’s kind of a dull guy (don’t tell my wife I said that), and as a result, I think he loves working for the postal service. Before he was hired full time, he spent about 7 years as a ‘part-time’ contractor, getting paid for more than 40 hours of work, but by keeping him part-time, they could withhold benefits from him. Finally, he was hired full-time, and the benefits that he receives are great.

Those benefits don’t change the fact that all of these postal workers aren’t very happy human beings. I can’t imagine doing the same thing every day for the rest of my life just to live off the great pension that they give you once you are fortunate to survive 30 years of service there. Greg (half brother in law) says he has to work Saturdays pretty much every week of the year, and work overtime on the holidays. The one perk is that they do have all major holidays off, so at least the USPS throws them a bone sometimes.

Personally, I could never do it. You hear the term ‘Going Postal’, and it makes you want to cringe at the insane amount of work they are forced to do. I think the absolute worst part of the whole day must be staring at the endless line of people that keep filing into the post office with massive packages, and the line seems like it will never go away.

I digress. I must say, I like our mailman very much. He seems like a very friendly guy, waves hi, actually smiles at people in the neighborhood, and doesn’t get mad when your mailbox fills up after two weeks of not checking it. He did knock on the door once to ask me to clean out the mailbox so he could put more mail in it. I got a bit lazy!

The next time you go to the post office, make sure that you smile as much as you can, just to try to get the person that’s helping you mail your package to smile back!

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